Bas Armagnacs - Domaine de Saoubis

Qualität as philosphy

For our Armagnacs we use only the first pressing of the grapes. After this juice was fermented to wine without the addition of sulfur, the distillation takes place at the end of October or the beginning of November. For this we use the so-called "Alambic", an old distilling bubble with wood firing.


Part of the distillate thus obtained is stored in stainless steel for the production of "Blanche Armagnac". The other part matures for many years in the "Pièces" - new oak barrels - with a capacity of about 400 liters, which are made from the typical Gascogne "black oak". For the production of the wood barrels from the holm oak of the Gascogne the wood is stored for six years, before it is processed. New barrels are used every year for the Armagnac. The oak gives Armagnac its very own touch. The Armagnac remains in the new barrels until the components have been extracted from the wood in an optimal way. Then, in order to avoid too strong a wood note and for a slower development, it is transferred to older barrels.