Holiday in the Cascony- a piece of original France!

To "Vacation" here you just have to be a bit adventurous- because the offer is huge and extremly diverse! Our estate - the "Domaine de Saoubis" is located in the departement of Gers in 32800 Ayzieu/Eauze.


The Gers togehter with Landes, Hautes-Pyrénées and parts of the Départements Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn-et-Garonne, Haute-Garonne, Gironde und Ariège form the „Gascogne“. "A must" for your holiday is- of course- a visit to our winery and a taste of our biodynamic Armagnacs, liqueurs and "Bisou" in our tasting room!


Are you a connoisseur? Then you are exactly right in the Gascogne! Because the Gascogner are great foodies- the food and everything realted to it- plays a big role in their daily lives. So you have in this beautiful region of France the choice between gourmet restaurants, country restaurants or farm inns. Strong red and white wines of the region as well as " an Armagnac afterwards" should not be missed in a typical gascognic meal! Also the visit of a patisserie is compulsory- of course- a very pleasant! The only problem could be that your choise would be very difficault.. with this huge selection of goodies! Without having tasted a "Croustade" you must not leave the Gascogny! This cake consists of very fine pull pastry filled with apples, plums or raisins- inserted in Armagnac. Best to enjoy lukewarm! A culinary delight of the extra class!

As you travel through the Gascogny- you will often feel transported back centuries. Thus, many medieval villages are almost completly preserved (Fourcès or Larresingle).

Likewise you could visit flea markets, make shopping at night, see cow fights (in which the cows remain completly unhurt!!!), make houseboat rides on very exciting waterways or stay overnight in a tree house in four meters. Biking tours(there are may bike paths- but its can be very demanding!!!), Canoeing, horseback riding could be also on your holiday programm!

Music lovers will also get their money's worth in this beautiful region of France. In Marciac, for example, you can listen to top-class jazz music all year round. The Jazz International Jazz Festival "Jazz in Marciac" - every year in the summer - also includes "the greats of jazz music".
No less spectacular is the salsa festival in Vic Fezensac. The "Tempo Latino". Designed sand provides a true "beach feeling" when dancing.
If you want to leave the original, very natural France behind, this is no problem - big cities such as Toulouse and Bordeaux are easy to reach by car. A trip to the Pyrenees (Pau, Lourdes) is also possible!
So do not wait so long - visit us in the southwest!
Your family Maurice de Mandelaere