Die Domaine de Saoubis- ein Armagnac -Haus mit langer Tradition!

Near Eauze - the capital of the Bas Armagnac - in the south-west of France - you will find the birthplace of Bas-Armagnac of the "Domaine de Saoubis" in 32800 Ayzieu.

The love of my homeland and the desire to increase the quality of the Armagnac, gave me the idea to leave the conventional path and opt for the biodynamic Armagnac cultivation.
The conditions were ideal:
The Domaine de Saoubis (130 km south of Bordeaux) is surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Because of its location (nestled between the Atlantic and the Pyrenees), it is often foggy and humid here in the morning in summer - the sun often does not appear until noon, which of course benefits the plant world.

In 1997 I received the first harvest of biodynamically recognized grapes and in 2001 my first biodynamically produced Armagnac was born

In addition to the "typical" brown (old) Armagnac I have over the years also created quite unusual symbioses of white Biodynamic Armagnac with orange or lemon peel, rose petals, lavender, lilies, linden, pine and fig leaves. The Armagnac from my Domaine de Saoubis is now even Demeter and Ecocert certified!


Be curious about my region with its extraordinary products and remember: After a sumptuous meal, there is nothing better than to enjoy an Armagnac and to take a little break ... in this sense "A la Votre"! Your Maurice de Mandelaere and family