Bas Armagnac A.O.C. Topaze Impériale

The "special" thing about our Topaze Impériale is the purity of the grape variety, "barrel strength" (no reduction) and the long storage in oak barrels! The name "Bas Armagnac" stands for first-class plants without any blending of areas.




100% Folle Blanche

(there are very few "Armagnac houses" where the Armagnac is sorted into the bottle)



From 2005 matured in oak barrels (400 liter barrels).

Not reduced, without the addition of sugar.



Amber color, smells of prune and tobacco blonde.

Very expressive and intensely beautifully balanced in the mouth. The baked plum note shows up again.

In the finish vanilla and toffee - very elegant and mild.



An Armagnac for true connoisseurs and gourmets !


Content: 70 cl


Certificate: Ecocert-Demeter